ZuMUN is proud to offer a wide range of committees and topics for all levels of MUN experience.


High School Committees


   DISEC – Disarmament and International Security Committee

      Regulating Arms Trade in the War Against Terror

      Combating International Terrorism in the Digital Realm


   HRC – Human Rights Council

      Freedom of Speech

      LGBTQ Rights


   WHO – World Health Organization

      Using Big Data to Fight Epidemics

      The Potential of ICT in Ensuring Public Health


University Level Committees


   ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council

      Regulation and Taxation of the Sharing Economy

      Social Protection in the Digital Age


   ITU – International Telecom Union

      Legal and Political Challenges of Consumer Protection in Digital Commerce

      ”Connect the world”- Closing the Technology Gap to Help Eradicate Poverty


   UNEP – United Nations Environment Program

      The Potential of ICT to Improve Resource Efficiency

      ”Detoxifying our Societies”- Improving the Handling and Disposal of Chemicals and Waste


Advanced Committees for University Delegates


   ICJ – International Court of Justice

      Ecuador v. Columbia (Aerial Herbicide Spraying)


   JCC – Joint Cabinet Crisis

      The Climax of The Three Kingdoms


ZuMUN stands out from other MUN conferences by not offering Best Delegate Awards. Instead, we firmly believe that we do MUN because we have fun doing it and a passion for the topics of debate. We debate because we think it gives us back something greater: new friends, the ability to analyze complex issues and soft skills for the future. We believe delegates do not need awards to motivate themselves to excel at MUN. Finally, in our eyes awards encourage competition instead of cooperation among delegates, which in turn lessens the quality of debate.