DISEC – Disarmament and International Security Committee

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Note: This is a High School Committee


The Committee

The Disarmament and International Security Committee (General Assembly 1st Committee) strives for the maintenance of global peace through the prevention of increased weapon production and the study of related international security questions. Its main focus lies on finding solutions for disarmament and threats to peace that affect the international community.



Topic A: Regulating Arms Trade in the War Against Terror

Global superpowers have long used their ability to subtly influenced regional conflicts and terrorist groups by supplying factions with arms and weapons as they see fit. Fully aware of the fact that the current volumes of arms trafficking is likely beyond reasonable estimates, the current situation seems impossible to solve. However, recent remarks by President Trump suggest his willingness to scale down on Americas’ current arms supply program to Syrian rebels and might bring new movement to the issue. The UN seeks to regulate the arms trade, in order to make sure regional conflicts do not spiral out of control and become unsolvable as a multi layered proxy war.


Topic B: Combating International Terrorism in the Digital Realm

Social media has brought the world closer together than ever before making communication easily available to everyone. Yet this development leads to terrorists and others using ICT as a tool of coordination and more importantly, recruitment of people otherwise physically beyond their reach. What responsibility, if any, do social media companies such as Facebook have and how can the international community react to the growing threat of terrorism online?



Your Chairs

KimStudenski Kim Studenski

Kim is a third year law student at the University of Zurich and currently the president of the MUN Team of the University of Zurich. Since the beginning of her studies she has attended 12 conferences, either as a chair, delegate or OC member. The last two installments of ZuMUN she was part of the organizing committee and has this year decided to join as a chair. Besides MUN she likes to meet new (and old) friends, learn Swedish and she loves to travel.

Irinalehner Irina Lehner

I’m a second year law student at University of Zurich. I have started doing MUN at the start of last year and since then have been hooked. I’m a member of the MUN team University of Zurich and as such have participated in two amazing conferences at Stockholm School of Economics and at this year’s JunesMUN in Bern. And I intend to attend many more conferences all over the world! I view MUN as a great opportunity to travel around the globe, meet interesting and interested people and sharpen my diplomatic as well as linguistic skills.

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