ICJ – International Court of Justice

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Note: This is an Advanced Committee


The Committee

The ICJ was formed as the supreme judicial authority in the United Nations, with all UN members subject to abide by its rulings. As a judicial body, rather than a legislative committee, the ICJ’s purpose and proceedings are far different than those of typical UN committees. The ICJ mediates conflicts between two nations by reflecting on treaties, international conventions, and international law.



Ecuador v. Columbia (Aerial Herbicide Spraying)

Ecuador seized the International Court of Justice of a dispute between itself and Colombia concerning the alleged aerial spraying by Colombia of toxic herbicides at locations near, at and across its border with Ecuador by Columbia. Ecuador claims that toxic herbicides have caused damages to human health, property and environment. Ecuador thus requests to be indemnified by Colombia.

Aerial spraying by Colombia is parts of a plan with the aim to eradicate coca trafficking in the area, which constitute the principal source of revenue for the FARC guerillas in Colombia.



Your Chairs

SarahBurns Sarah Burns

Sarah is a third-year law student at the University of Zurich. She joined the university’s MUN team during her first semester in fall 2014. Since then she has attended several MUN conferences and was also a part of the first and second ZuMUN Organization Committee. Now she takes care of the finances for the university MUN team. She likes MUN because she finds it’s a great way to get a taste of world politics and to practice public speaking besides it always being a very social experience. She is very much looking forward to being one of your chairs at ZuMUN 2017 and hopes to contribute to making it a great memory for you.

LodovicaBellora Lodovica Bellora

Lodovica is currently a second year Law student at the University of Milan. She is interested in political and juridical issues both at national and international level and she would like to combine these interests with her studies. Having started Model United Nations during high school, she has participated as a delegate, judge and chair in several MUNs such as CGS MUN, POLMUN, LIMUN HS and BERLINMUN, where she won the Best Position Paper award. She hopes to transmit her enthusiasm for this project and encourage all judges to take the greatest advantage of it. She is honored to be Chair of the International Court of Justice at ZuMUN 2017 and she is looking forward to meeting you all in May!

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