JCC – Joint Cabinet Crisis

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Note: This is an Advanced Committee


The Committee

The Joint Cabinet Crisis (JCC) is an excellent opportunity to take part in a more dynamic, fast-paced, and challenging debate environment. Two separate working groups will be formed, to be decided at a later date. Each group will be presented with a series of interrelated crises pertaining to current events. The cabinets must work to solve the contentions between them and further their national interests through both official means of communication and bi-lateral debate, as well as secret notes passed from committee to committee via the Crisis Staff. Communiqués, press releases, directives, and resolutions, moderated by conference staff, will serve as the JCC’s official documented progress towards resolution of the debates.



The Climax of The Three Kingdoms

From AD 220 – 280, China was divided into three kingdoms – the Kingdoms of Shu, Wei and Wu. The period started when the Kingdom of Wei took the power from the Han Dynasty and ended in 280 AD when the Kingdom of Wu was defeated by rulers of the Jin – a new dynasty. This period is regarded as a significant historical period filled with wars between the three Kingdoms, leading to significant advance in technology and development of advanced military strategies; some are still used in modern warfare. Besides being one of the bloodiest in Chinese history, the period nourished intrigue and romance alike, sowing the seeds to many pieces of popular culture.



Your Chairs

IsabellaHeinemann Isabella Heinemann

Isabelle Heinemann Isabelle is a not-quite-so-fresh first year fresher at the University of London SOAS, currently reading International Relations and History. She is fascinated by etymology and enjoys learning languages, although it would appear she has recently found her master in Chinese. Nobody could ever call her a cynic without inducing a deconstruction of cynicism as a retort. Outside of the ivory tower, the finer things of life Isabelle couldn’t do without include late night drives, garden dinner parties and sunsets seen through a glass of red wine; all sadly a rarity in her current domicile. Her love for Crisis has its roots in a passionate, but ultimately doomed affair with stage acting – has not everyone who ever stood on the boards that mean the world struggled with having to do something incredibly stupid just because thus it is written?

EceYucer Ece Yücer

Ece is currently a senior at Galatasaray High School, a future political science major. She has participated in over 25 university level conferences during her Model UN journey, and along with receiving many awards as a delegate, she mostly partook in conferences as a committee director or an academic team member. Ece has started the Model UN conference of her high school and served as the Secretary-General in 2016. She was again a part of the ZuMUN team last year as the committee director of Arab League. She enjoys the possibility of altering the past and roleplaying at Joint Crisis Committees. Along with her interest in politics and human rights, Ece actively serves as an activist in Amnesty International, Istanbul. She also has an interest in linguistics and is eager to learn other languages when she gets into college. She speaks French, English, Italian, and (obviously) Turkish.

NoahSutter Noah Sutter

Noah is currently studying Economics in his third year at the University of Zurich. An MUN aficionado since his first week at university, he is looking forward to ZUMUN – his 12th conference – as a worthy finale to his career in MUN. In his free time he likes to read, go to museums, cook or hit the cinema for a movie. Besides that he is a national board member of the Young European Federalists in Switzerland, and member of the board of the Student Network for Ethics in Economics and Practice. He is thrilled to dive into the intrigues and plots at the imperial court of Wu and to have a good time with old and new friends at ZUMUN!


The Crisis Team

LewinKönemann Lewin Könemann

Wine, music, just the right amount of people, and, naturally, academia – looking for what he considers fun, Lewin moved to Zurich in 2014. After engaging the local MUN society head on, or, let’s be honest, at the second session, he was dispatched to Korea and started on the board as IT Rep and later VP of ETH MUN. Although it may not always be apparent, he prefers being deeply personally involved in everything he does, including his path towards a deeper understanding of physics, over casually tagging along. This is of course only until a sufficient supply of time and money is established, at which point there is no holding him and he will be en route towards some preferably cold country with no idea of what to expect or even what specifically there is to do. He has recently attended his 10th MUN conference and started work on his favorite assignment so far – organising the first ZuMUN JCC, where he is going to be a loyal friend or, even better, a biblical plague to all those stepping foot into the three kingdoms.

MingMingKhov Ming Ming Khov

Ming Ming is a Swiss student of the master track Biomedical Engineering at ETH Zurich, currently she is creating and testing tissue-engineered cardiovascular prostheses in her master thesis. Besides her studies, Ming Ming is committed to the organisation AIESEC, working with companies to organize internships for international students to foster cultural understanding. She is deputy chief guide at the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad with high hopes that this event will inspire girls for STEM fields. As a scholar of the Swiss Study Foundation, she enjoys the privilege of its educational programme such as participating in the National Model United Nations.

MatijaZesko Matija Zesko

Matija joined MUN in the Fall semester of 2014 after his first year as a PhD student at ETH’s Laboratory for Physical Chemistry. He is interested in diplomacy, and international relations, which is why he decided to join ETH MUN and the ZuMUN team. He was Head of Finance in 2015, Secretary General in 2016, and this year his responsibilities are to prepare an exciting panel discussion, make sure the ceremonies go smoothly and work in the backroom of the Joint Crisis Committee. Other than science and MUN, Matija enjoys learning languages, reading, fencing, and Muay Thai.

LoriYounissess Lori Younissess

Lori Younissess is a 17 year old Armenian-Lebanese high school senior currently living in Beirut, Lebanon. Model UN conferences have been a big part of Lori’s life for quite a few years now. She has won the Best Delegate award many times both during national and international conferences. Lori has also been a secretariat member of different Model UN and Model Arab League conferences as a logistics coordinator and president. After graduating, Lori hopes to pursue an undergraduate degree in international affairs to later on study international law. Among her friends, she is known as the activist who’s always talking about human rights. Besides Model UN, Lori has been playing the violin for over 11 years. In her little free time, she enjoys reading books and coming up with crazy adventures with her friends.

LucasSchaus Lucas Schaus

Lucas joined ETH MUN in 2012 and after one semester joined the commission’s board as IT manager. After his task as an IT manager he went on to take various positions in the board, as well as becoming a part of the Finance and Fundraising team for ZuMUN 2015. He is currently in his 4th semester of Master in Biological Chemistry. Being a big fan of military history and having already been on the crisis team at ZuMUN 2016, he was immediately up to become a member of this years crisis team.

JakubVokaty Jakub Vokaty

Jakub is 23 years old and currently in his 3rd year of an International Affairs Bachelor at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. He was born in the Czech Republic, but has been living in Switzerland for almost 9 years now. Starting with PragueMUN 2016, he has been doing MUNs for over a year now, as a delegate and a chair, however he found his true MUN passion doing crisis. ZuMUN will be his 6th crisis and he is looking forward to make your experience so good you will never want to return to a normal committee.
If he is not studying, working or doing MUNs, Jakub in his free time likes to watch movies, tv shows and also tinker around on his website and home server. His favorite drink is Cuba Libre or a good Czech beer.

TeodorIoanDiaconu Teodor Ioan Diaconu

Teodor Ioan Diaconu, 22, is a student from Bucharest, Romania. After finishing the prestigious National College of Saint Sava in his home town he has moved to Munich to study Electrical Engineering, specializing on Power Engineering. His passion for MUN’s was sparked right at his first conference in Bucharest. Since then he has attended several conferences in Europe as a delegate or as a chair and became a member of the MUN society of the Technical University of Munich , becoming one of its two Faculty Advisors last year. His main interest besides Engineering is History, mostly focusing on the Roman and Persian Empires and the Balkans (don’t worry, he didn’t ignore China). He speaks Romanian, English, German fluently and a bit of Italian. In what is left of his spare time, Teodor enjoys hiking, collecting minerals, reading literature and philosophy or conquering the world in Europa Universalis IV as the Duchy of Milan.

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