Sustainability @ ZuMUN

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When talking about the future and technological progress, we must not forget about the relationship between humans and the environment. Will technology help us clean up our planet, as this year’s UNEP committee will explore in depth? ZuMUN believes that sustainability should not only be discussed in committee, but also lived during the conference. Therefore, for ZuMUN’s third edition we aim to minimize the conference’s environmental impact. With the VSETH commission [project21] we have found the perfect partner for this endeavor.

[project21] is a student-led accredited VSETH commission dedicated to sustainable development. It strives for the implementation of sustainable policies at ETH and for improving the institution’s ecological and social impact. It also serves as a platform for sustainable student projects and a forum for exchange on matters surrounding sustainable development. Throughout the year, [project21] organizes various interactive and informative events for students interested in hearing about the social, ecological and economic aspects of sustainability.

Together, ZuMUN and [project21] have formulated a set of measures to be implemented during the conference, with the goal of reducing ZuMUN’s carbon footprint and avoiding unnecessary strain on the environment:

  • Encouraging all participants to travel by train and choose sustainable accommodation
  • Minimal usage of plastic
  • Sustainable goodie bags
  • Offering seasonal and regional products at dinner and during coffee breaks
  • Using tap water only
  • Sustainable gifts for staff and guest speakers
  • Raising awareness of sustainability throughout the conference
At the closing ceremony, we will draw a detailed account of the implementation of the above measures during the conference.

Organizing an international event is per se an ecologically questionable action, therefore, it is even more important that we strive towards reducing the ecological impact together. Below you can find some easy and quick tips on how to live the spirit of sustainability throughout the conference:

  • Recycle all plastic bottles, paper and cardboard items
  • Refill your bottles/cups with tap water
  • Use reusable cups or use cups more than once
  • Reduce your use of paper napkins whenever possible
  • Only have your electronic devices plugged in when necessary
  • Choose public transport when travelling around Zurich
  • Buy food with minimal plastic packaging
  • Reduce use of plastic cutlery