Shu Shuting Ling
From the very beginning of her Political Science studies at the University of Zurich, Shuting has been a part of the resident MUN team and attended her first WorldMUN conference in her first year of Bachelor studies. The number of conferences attended has grown to encompass two more WorldMUN conferences and a few smaller national and international ones. As board member of MUN Team UZH for two years, and through previous activities in the European Youth Parliament and the Polyballstiftung, Shuting has discovered her passion and honed her skills for organizational work – now she looks forward to continuing the legacy of her predecessors and to making ZuMUN 2017 the best ZuMUN yet, together with an amazing OC!

Marc Marc Sinner
Marc is someone you commonly refer to as an MUN dinosaur. He has been an active member of ETH MUN since he started his studies in Civil Engineering back in 2009. In that period, he attended over 15 national and international conferences. From October 2010 to December 2012 he was part of the ETH MUN board in various positions, including a semester of presidency in fall 2011. Marc completed his Master in Civil Engineering in summer 2015 and is now doing a Ph.D. in Transportation. This is Marc’s third year as part of the ZuMUN organizing committee, after being responsible for Delegates and Registration in 2015 and being Head of Finance in 2016. Besides his studies and MUN, Marc is interested in trains and airplanes. He enjoys hiking and reading good books.


Budget & Accounting

Jerome Jerome Pieper
Jerome has been an active MUN’er for the past 3 years! He was part of the organizing committee of ZuMUN 2016 as part of the Department of Chairs and Committees and is taking care of the budgeting and accounting for ZuMUN 2017! He grew up in Belgium and is currently doing a bachelor in physics at ETH Zurich.


Ceremonies & Speakers

Matija Žeško
Matija joined MUN in the fall semester of 2014 after his first year as a PhD student at ETH’s Laboratory for Physical Chemistry. He is interested in policy development, diplomacy, and international relations, which is why he decided to join ETH MUN. This is his third year being a part of the ZuMUN team. He was Head of Finance in 2015, Secretary General in 2016, and this year his responsibility is to prepare an exciting panel discussion and make sure the ceremonies go smoothly.
Other than science and MUN, Matija enjoys learning languages, reading, fencing, and Muay Thai.


Committees & Chairs

Fabian Fabian Brunner
Fabian started his studies in physics in 2012. However, it took him quite a while to get in touch with the idea of MUN and what it is all about. It was in spring 2015, when Fabian finally joined ETH MUN team and ever since then he regrets not having joined earlier. Contributing to a successful ZuMUN 2017, he therefore gives his wound soul a little peace. Besides physics, MUN and a lot of other things, Fabian loves to go skiing and hiking.

Mathilde Mathilde Renard
Mathilde is a 22 years old Master of Law student and convinced MUN’er. Having participated in the biggest conferences, Mathilde got to know the United Nations in the course of her two Bachelors in Law and Political Sciences, in Belgium. She is part of the board of the Youth Section of the Belgian ‘Association Pour les Nations Unies’ where she gets to raise awareness about the everyday work of the UN. Debating, negotiating and striving for a compromise are skills Mathilde learnt with MUN. Within the Committees and Chairs Department, Mathilde hopes to put her experience at the service of ZuMUN and future (or experienced!) MUN’ers. She is currently enrolled in the last year of her Master of Law at the University of Zurich, as part of a Double Degree programme with KU Leuven (Belgium). Beyond her studies, Mathilde has a keen interest for rhetoric and eloquence tournament, ballet and violin.

Judith Judith Rössinger
After having participated in MEP and MUN on a high school level, Judith joined ETH MUN in fall 2016. She is currently in her second year of her Bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Sciences. In the last year she has been involved in university’s policy in her students association and is now keen on contributing to a new project.
She also enjoys dancing and cooking, especially both at the same time.
Judith is looking forward to ZuMUN 2017 as a great experience for everyone.


Delegates & Registration

Jakob Jakob den Brok
Ever since he joined ETH MUN in the fall of 2014, Jakob has been an active member. He’s doing his Physics Bachelor at the ETH Zurich, but finds time beside the study of natural science to take part in the political discussions at the weekly MUN meetings and trainings sessions. Jakob has already joined a few international MUN conferences around the world. Having taken part at the previous two ZuMUN conferences as a delegate and having had an amazing experience, he is now looking forward to support and organize the upcoming ZuMUN conference. Especially the gathering of so many people with different ideas and stories makes MUN conferences so fascinating, which is why he now joined the organizing team of ZuMUN in Delegates & Registration to experience a conference once from a different angle.

Stefan Stefan Mijic
Stefan joined the MUN team as soon as he started doing his Bachelor in Electrical Engineering at the ETH. While this is his first time taking part in organizing a MUN-conference, he has been interested in politics and diplomacy for several years and believes that gaining knowledge in those areas can only benefit one’s development, no matter what major one might be doing. As part of the Delegates & Registration Team, he will be partly responsible for communicating with our international guests and maintaining the I.T. Infrastructure.
When he isn’t occupied with MUN or studying, he enjoys playing chess, traveling, skiing or practising Aikido.

Luca Luca Mondada
Always keen to discover and understand new aspects of the society we live in, Luca joined MUN as soon as he started his studies in Physics. Since, through several memorable conferences and innumerable lively debates with fellow MUN’ers, he has developed a strong interest for politics and diplomacy. As a new member of the ZuMUN organization committee, he wants to give other students the same fantastic opportunities others had previously made possible for him. In his spare time, he plays the violin or enjoys Switzerland’s wonderful outdoors hiking or skiing.


Food & Logistics

Valerie Valérie Vogel
After joining ETH MUN in early 2015 and participating in a few international conferences as well as ZuMUN 2015, Valérie has been tempted to join the OC of such an event for a while. Helping to set up this year’s conference just a tad better than the previous years seems challenging but fun to her and she will give her best to have everyone well fed throughout ZuMUN – a crucial aspect for happy and concentrated delegates. During the week, Valérie studies Law at the University of Basel, where she tries hard not to adopt the city’s own Swiss German dialect. Despite studying away from Zurich, a certain affinity for ETHZ made her join our local MUN team, which she has been enjoying ever since.


Fundraising & Partnerships

Michelle Michelle Jacob
My name is Michelle Jacob and I just started studying law at the University of Zurich. As soon as I heard of the MUN team at our university, I attended the first meeting. I immediately knew that this was something I really wanted to invest my time in as I am very interested in events taking place around the world. Now I am part of the Fundraising team of the OC of ZuMUN and I am looking forward to helping to make ZuMUN a great conference next year.
Apart from studying law and being part of MUN I love to dance, travel, and spend time with my friends and family.

Sebastian Sebastian Lang
Sebastian joined ETHMUN as soon as he started studying Mechanical Engineering in fall 2016. Because he feels that MUN can be an important experience as well as a lesson in critical thinking to look beyond the obvious and to explore. Having attended MUN events abroad he is now focused on making ZuMUN into a great experience for all people involved.
Apart from studying, MUN and many other things Sebastian enjoys playing music, traveling and skiing.

Benedikt Benedikt Raßhofer
Benedikt has recently started studying Economics at the University of Zurich. Since high school he has been very interested in international relations and diplomacy and even wrote a paper on the United Nations for his final class. Accordingly, he decided to join ZuMUN as a major opportunity to explore and develop future solutions. As he greatly enjoys communicating with people from other universities and other countries, he is highly motivated to organise the next conference using a wonderful team of students from around the world. Having a background in economics he is well suited to the role of head of fundraising and partnerships and intends to make the 2017 conference a unique and rewarding experience for everyone involved.



Katja Katja Blöchlinger
Katja joined the MUN Team University of Zurich at the very beginning of her studies in fall 2014. She is studying political science, which is her major, and is taking courses in communication studies, her minor. After having attended four conferences so far and having been a member of ZuMUN’s organizational committee in 2016, she has decided to once again contribute to the organization of this conference. When she is not busy doing MUN, she likes to meet up with friends – be it for a nice cup of coffee or for a crazy night-out.

Alexia Alexia Förster-Lagadianou
Alexia is in her third year at UZH studying Ethnology and Political Science. She is half Greek and half German and currently living in Zurich. She is very proud to have been part of the ZuMUN Team from the very beginning, back in 2015. For ZuMUN she is part of the Marketing Team. Other than that she just loves to travel.

Michelle Michelle Medricky
Studying political science, Michelle joined the local MUN team in her first semester at the University of Zurich. She would have never thought that MUN would catch her interest that quickly – however, only a couple of months later she found herself participating in her first MUN conference. Many other national and international conferences, as well as two WorldMUN participations, followed during the next two years. In her year as a board member of the MUN UZH Team she was able to develop her organizational skills being responsible for the teams’ intellectual and team-bonding events. Being part of the ZuMUN 2017 OC enables her to take a profound look behind the organizational scenes of an international MUN conference and to work alongside with motivated and skilled OC members. When not occupied with MUN, Michelle can be found travelling to every single corner of the world and spending relaxing days at the lake of Zurich or fun nights out with friends.



Melissa Melissa Lucula
Melissa joined the MUN team in her third year of her law studies at the University of Zurich in 2015. She has a passion for diplomatic discussions and is impressed by how MUN can give anyone the ability to look for a peaceful solution to delicate problems. She is currently the Chief Head Delegate in the MUN Board and joined the ZuMUN OC in the socials department. In her free time she loves to travel, doing sports, meeting new people or just spending time with her friends as a counterbalance to her studies. Therefore she is eager to create with the socials an environment where the delegates have a counterbalance to the challenging sessions and where they can meet new delegates from all over the world.

Marika Marika Pechr
Marika joined the MUN team in the fall semester of 2014 when she enrolled her studies at the University of Zurich. Since then she has changed her major to political studies but didn’t lose her passion for discussions and international affairs. After her exciting positions as part of the marketing team in 2015 and as Deputy Secretary-General for ZuMUN 2016 which brought her great experience and fun times with the team, chairs and delegates, she is now redirecting her focus on something new: the socials department. Marika is eager to handle this challenging task and create an amazing social program together with the department. In her spare time she hasn’t stopped talking too much, she loves traveling and meeting new people. Marika invites you to join in on the fun and just like her, make some great friends and experiences trough MUN and ZuMUN!