UNEP – United Nations Environment Program

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The Committee

The UN Environment Programme, founded in 1972 and headquartered in Nairobi/Kenya, covers a wide range of issues concerning the protection of our planet’s unique environment. This includes the development of international environmental conventions, promoting environmental research and information, assistance to national governments on how to implement green governance and collaboration with regional institutions and NGOs. UNEP has also been active in funding and implementing environment related development projects. Thus, for the delegates UNEP is a forum to debate questions of environmental protection within an international framework.



Topic A: The Potential of ICT to Improve Resource Efficiency

Enterprises across the world have shown how the improvement of communication has helped shorten supply chains, cut costs and cut down on storage area, thereby allowing space to be used more socially efficiently. This employed on a larger scale and supported by governments, could allow for private households and other actors to improve awareness of resource efficiency and resource efficiency within these entities themselves.


Topic B: ”Detoxifying our Societies”- Improving the Handling and Disposal of Chemicals and Waste

A problem largely unnoticed in the worlds industrialized countries, even though they are by no means untouched by it, is the issue of toxic waste and it’s ensuing handling, making large portions of land unusable to the general public as well as many sectors. The toxic waste often is not possible to be traced to the original perpetrator or the producer of the waste is protected by regulations set in place by either themselves or a governmental entity. This leads to governments paying the bill on land that is, for the foreseeable future, unusable to economic activity, weighing heavily on the economy of certain developing countries.



Your Chairs

SophiaJohannaSchlosser Sophia Johanna Schlosser

Sophia Johanna Schlosser is a bachelor student in Communications and Political Science at the University of Zurich and is honoured to be co-chairing the United Nations Environment Program of ZuMUN2017. Her involvement with the UZH MUN Team started in September 2013 and she has been a member of the MUN UZH executive board for two consecutive years. Moreover, she has been involved in numerous MUN conferences in Brussels, Riga & Stockholm, Washington DC, Seoul, Rome and has also been a member of the Organizing Committee of ZuMUN 2015 and a Chair at ZuMUN2016. Aside from Model UN, she is also engaged in a political youth organization, Young European Swiss. In her spare time she takes every opportunity to travel around the world and also really enjoys music, playing the violin, painting and learning new languages.

SaraAlamElDin Sarah Alam El Din

Being a part of MUN at a high school level has allowed Sarah to grow her passion for MUN even further during her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She is a student at the University of Vienna and is always keen to grow her skills and knowledge. Seeing MUN as a place to be introduced to people from many places around the world and share their passion together is a big reason of why she values the existence of these simulations. In her free time Sarah tends to get on a plane or train to explore new places while always making sure to have a stack of books in her luggage to also discover.

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