Chair Application

Thank you for your interest to visit ZuMUN 2018 as a Chair. Please fill in the following information in order to apply for the place of a chair. In order to get to know you a little bit better we would like to conduct skype interviews. The Chair registration is open untill 28.02.2018 but we will close the registration earlier if all available spots for chairing are filled.
Conference fee and social package are free for Chairs. Please notice that accommodation in and transport to Zurich are not provided by ZuMUN and have to be paid individually.
We are looking forward to seeing you at our conference.

Personal information

Contact Information

We would like to conduct a Skype interview with you in order to get to know you a little bit better. Further details will follow in the emails.

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Please note that you yourself are responsible for a timely visa application.
If you require a visa invitation letter you need to send us an e-mail at
Even with a visa invitation letter we cannot guarantee that your visa will be granted.