Chair & Crisis Staff Application

Chair application for ZuMUN 2019 will open August 2018.

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The chair and co-chair preside over committee meetings, ensuring that the Rules of Procedure are executed and respected. They write the study guide and select which countries will be represented in their committee, thus setting the tone for the discussions in the committee during the conference. Moreover, during the conference they establish an encouraging environment, making sure, that the committee is purposeful and productive.

Crisis Director
The Crisis Director is tasked with the preparation and supervision of the Joint Cabinet Crisis and in charge of running it during the conference. He is also the one responsible for managing the crisis staff and coordinating the writing of the study/character guides. He will be in constant contact with the Crisis Producer in the months leading up to the conference.

Crisis Staff
ZuMUN 2019’s Joint Cabinet Crisis is comprised of multiple cabinets, each of which is lead by its own Chair. It is the Chair’s task to lead the cabinet and channel its power to push own as well as the cabinet’s interests. At the same time the Chair tries to assert him/herself within the cabinet – ‘cause disloyalty can arise quickly among delegates.

The most powerful position holds the backroom staff. It receives and processes the cabinets’ commands and has the ultimate say on what’s going to happen. This requires extremely thorough preparation and knowledge of each and every detail. The backroom staff will also provide the cabinets with a background guide and is involved in drafting the crisis.