Historical Fourth Committee

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Note: This is a High School Committee


Committee & Topic Description

The Independence of the British and French Cameroon

Following the aftermath of World War I, the territory of today’s Cameroon was partitioned between the United Kingdom and France. While the French controlled a large geographical share of the colony, the United Kingdom colonised a strip alongside Nigeria next to Lake Chad. On 18th December 1956, the Union of the Peoples of Cameroon (UPC), in French Cameroon, began an armed struggle, in order to gain independence from the French state. The French government sought a compromise with the leader of the UPC, however this approach did not succeed and violence continued to increase.
This is where our historical Fourth Committee sets in! One idea that has crossed borders and swept across the world was the idea of decolonisation and the UN has played an important role in the decolonisation wave that swept across Africa in the 1960s and that had begun with the independence of the Gold Coast and British Togoland in 1957, which united to form what we nowadays know as Ghana. The case of the Cameroons is certainly one of the most thrilling ones. The partition of the territories and the cultural differences that arose from this lead to the fact that the decolonisation of this territory will be no easy task neither for the UN, nor for the local authorities.
The historical fourth committee at ZuMUN 2018 will challenge delegates to take part in peace talks, negotiations in regard to government control, all within the respective boundaries of the UN mandate.



Your Chairs

AstridVertneg Astrid Vertneg

After having left Zurich one year ago after finishing my Bachelor in political science and economics, I am extremely happy and excited to come back and participate in the fourth edition of ZuMUN. With almost two years MUN sessions and four international conferences I am looking forward to be chairing this year’s Historical Fourth Committee. Although our committee takes place only 60 years in the past it will be a challenging and interesting task to put ourselves into the positions of political leaders from back than and to fully dive into the colonial setting. Besides MUN I enjoy traveling, all kind of sports, good food and I cannot live without watching my favorite US late night hosts, John Oliver and Stephen Colbert. I am looking forward to sharing this experience and my historical world map with you.

NadiaBalla Nadia Balla

While completing my Bachelor in Law in Albania, I was looking for ways to challenge myself and to think more outside the box so that’s how I stumbled across international conferences such as MUN. I was fascinated by the way young people from all over the world discussed international topics and put their heart into peaceful solutions. I was then awarded an excellence scholarship at the University of Bern where I am currently completing my Master in International and European Law. I am very passionate about human rights with a focus on women’s right and gender equality, international negotiations, and mediation. Living for about 3 years in Switzerland has made me even more aware of how important it is to be engaged and speak up about important topics that concern our generation. I am thrilled to be part of this year’s ZuMUN in the role of a chair and I’m looking forward to meeting all the other chairs and delegates.

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