Rooms & Maps

The main conference venue of ZuMUN is the campus of ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich (UZH) located in downtown Zurich. The detailed schedule of the entire conference is available here. See below for a detailed map of all conference venues.


Committee Rooms

Friday Saturday Sunday
UNHCR (HS) GLT-A-01 HG E 41 HG E 41
Security Council (HS) GLT-A-03 HG E 21 HG E 21
Historical 4th Committee HAH-E-10 HG E 22 HG E 22
WHO & World Bank ML E 13 HG E 33.1 HG E 33.1
European Council SOE-F-11 HG E 42 HG E 42
JCC – Cabinet 1: The Crusaders LEE E 126 HG G 26.3 HG G 26.3
JCC – Cabinet 2: The Ayyubid Sultanate CLA D 17 HG F 26.3 HG F 26.3
JCC – Cabinet 3: The Byzantine Empire CLA D 19 HG F 26.5 HG F 26.5
JCC – Cabinet 4: The Sultanate of Rûm CLA D 11.1 HG G 26.5 HG G 26.5


The Conference Venues


The Social Events Venues

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