SpecPol (High School Committee)

The UN General Assembly (copyright: Spiff~enwiki)

The Special Political and Decolonization Committee is the Fourth Committee of the General Assembly. It considers a broad range of issues, such as a comprehensive review of peacekeeping operations, peaceful uses of outer space and decolonization-related agenda items (especially in Middle East). In past years the committee had an important role in the eradication of colonialism. 

1. Territorial disputes in the South China Sea

The South China sea is a large area of great geopolitical significance due to the vast amount of natural resources as well as trade routes going through it and as such is the cause of many conflicts in the region with multiple nations staking their claim over the region. These conflicts range from minor political disagreements, to unauthorized construction on disputed territory and even small scale skirmishes and the inability to find a mutual agreement is of international concern.

 2. Right of Non-Independent States to Self-Determination

Another topic that will be dealt with in light of current events is the right of non independent states to self determination. As it currently stands there are multiple such states which are only recognized as such by some nations while not by others and it begs the question whether there can be a unified approach to dealing with such states and what common framework could benefit both those states and the nations involved.