Simon Simon Linder
Simon began indulging in MUN as a hobby and a passion as soon as he started his studies in History and Political Science in fall 2015. He has since been attending as many conferences as his schedule allowed, while also having been active as a board member of the MUN UZH team for one year. His other passions include listening to and making music, reading, snowboarding, cooking, and he greatly enjoys good cinematography. Because he is sure that MUN provides a very valuable set of challenges and experiences, Simon chose to join the OC of ZuMUN, aiming to continue where the fantastic past conferences have left off, and wishes to provide the best of possible experiences at ZuMUN 2018!


Luca Luca Spreyermann
As a student of political sciences, particularly fascinated by the field of international relations, institutions such as the UN are something Luca is very interested in. He therefore joined the MUN Team UZH in his first semester, in September 2016, and became a board member one year later in the fall of 2017. It was also then that he decided to, with his MUN Team UZH board predecessor, become Secretary-General of ZuMUN. Having attended several international conferences, his goal is to implement and improve everything he experienced abroad to make ZuMUN a truly unforgettable conference for all those involved! In his free time, he enjoys painting, hanging out with friends, or reading up on some obscure historical events on Wikipedia.


Budget & Accounting

Sebastian Sebastian Lang
Sebastian joined ETHMUN as soon as he started studying Mechanical Engineering in fall 2016. Because he feels that MUN can be an important experience as well as a lesson in critical thinking to look beyond the obvious and to explore. Having attended MUN events abroad he is now focused on making ZuMUN into a great experience for all people involved. Apart from studying, MUN and many other things Sebastian enjoys playing music, traveling and skiing.


Ceremonies & Speakers

Shu Shuting Ling
Shu is interning at foraus, a grassroots foreign policy think tank. She will begin her master’s degree in Political Science and Gender Studies at UZH next semester. A part of Zurich’s MUN community since her first semester four years ago, Shu thoroughly enjoys all aspects of it, be it the people one meets or the skills one gains organizing a conference. She’s looking forward to an even better fourth edition of ZuMUN – and as Head of Ceremonies and Speakers is dedicated to kicking it off with a bang!


Committees & Chairs

Sarah Sarah Khanna
MUN has been a part of Sarah’s life ever since she began attending conferences as a delegate in middle school, and high school. The passion Sarah developed from these MUN experiences, as well as the numerous memories she connects with them has lasted throughout her high school up until now. Sarah is currently in her first year studying medicine at the University of Zürich. She has found being part of the UZH MUN team and ZuMUN a great opportunity to balance her studies but at the same time engage in stimulating discussions, and looks forward to being part of Committees and Chairs for this year’s conference alongside Lewin and Noah.


Lewin Lewin Könemann
Wine, music, just the right amount of people, and, naturally, academia – looking for what he considers fun, Lewin moved to Zurich in 2014. After engaging the local MUN society head on, or, let’s be honest, at the second session, he was dispatched to Korea and started on the board as IT Rep and later VP and President of ETH MUN. Although it may not always be apparent, he prefers being deeply personally involved in everything he does, including his path towards a deeper understanding of physics, over casually tagging along. This is of course only until a sufficient supply of time and money is established, at which point there is no holding him and he will be en route towards some preferably cold country with no idea of what to expect or even what specifically there is to do. He’s attended crises all over the northern hemisphere and has now come up with the Job of Crisis Producer for himself in the C&C department.


Noah Noah Sutter
Noah currently is an intern at the Swiss National Bank while simultaneously finishing his Bachelor in Economics at the University of Zurich. An MUN aficionado since his first week at university, he is looking forward to ZuMUN – his 13th conference – as a worthy finale to his career in MUN. In his free time he likes to read a good book or op-ed, go to museums, cook, bake or hit the cinema for a movie. He is amazed each year by what an awesome conference his colleagues in the secretariat have managed to put together again and how they always try to think outside the infamous box in order to make ZuMUN become ZuMUN!


Delegates & Registration

Felix Felix Stabel
Felix’s interest in politics dates back to the upper stage in secondary school where he attended social studies as a major. Equally being attracted by the beauty of science, Felix decided to start his studies in physics and has recently begun his Master at ETH, without putting aside his other field of interest. Engaging in a German political party, its youth organisation and being deputy of the student parliament, he is lively active in the political scene and always looking for new challenges. Having joined ETH MUN in autumn 2017, he already enjoyed the pleasure of attending an international conference and is eager to commit himself to a unique ZuMUN 2018 conference stimulating passion and making remember this unique experience in an enriching atmosphere!


Semra Semrawit Tekleyohannes Haile
Semrawit AKA Semra or Samri just started studying Political Science this fall and so far, everything is going well for her. She especially enjoys going to her Arabic classes, in which she is minoring. She likes to read books and manga, going to cinema and taking long walks is one of her favourite things to do. Semra heard about ZuMUN at the rookie session for the Zurich MUN team and instantly wanted to join because it combines the purpose of challenging you in a new field, having fun and meeting new people. After her first conference in Stockholm (SMUN) and the weekly sessions at MUN ever since October, she is even more convinced and excited to be part of the OC!


Sven Sven Wiesner
After his first semester of studying computer science, Sven’s long-held interest in politics and international affairs led him to the ETH MUN team and from there on to ZuMUN. Having attended the ZuMUN conference in 2017 as a delegate, Sven is now taking a look behind the scenes and joins the Delegates and Registration department to help making your ZuMUN experience as enjoyable as possible. When he is not entangled in his studies or busy with MUN related activities, Sven enjoys listening to music, wandering around Zurich or using one of Zurich’s many opportunities to go swimming.



Marc Marc Sinner
Marc is someone you commonly refer to as an MUN dinosaur. He has been an active member of ETH MUN since he started his studies in Civil Engineering back in 2009. In that period, he attended over 15 national and international conferences. From October 2010 to December 2012 he was part of the ETH MUN board in various positions, including a semester of presidency in fall 2011. Marc completed his Master in Civil Engineering in summer 2015 and is now doing a Ph.D. in Transportation. This is Marc’s forth year as part of the ZuMUN organizing committee, after being responsible for Delegates and Registration in 2015, the Head of Finance in 2016 and Secretary-General in 2017. Besides his studies and MUN, Marc is interested in trains and airplanes. He enjoys hiking and reading good books.


Food & Logistics

Greta Greta Papageorgiu
Greta joined the ZUMUN OC just this year and is now part of the Food & Logistics team. The reasons for her participation are various, but the biggest one was a general curiousity. She has been studying arabic and political sciences at the UZH since fall 2017. Apart from her studies and the MUN she enjoys Comic Books, Meeting with friends a good Cabaret (on the TV if it must be).


Zoe Zoe Schibler
Zoe just recently joined the MUN Team University of Zurich. Since the beginning of the fall semester 2017 she has been attending the weekly sessions. She is a fourth year law student. An exchange year in Australia inspired her to engage in political discussions at her home university in an English-speaking environment. She has decided to contribute to the ZuMUN 2018 because it provides a platform for topics that are of great relevance for the international community and in addition to that it’s a great opportunity to meet people. In her spare time she enjoys traveling and going out with friends.


Fundraising & Partnerships

Nikola Nikola Hajdin
In the spring of 2016, when Nikola first stumbled into the weekly sessions of ETHMUN it may have raised a few eyebrows, especially as at the time he was neither of age nor a student but may have had a bit too much time on his hands. All of this has changed in the meantime but he stuck to MUN and has been to 5 conferences across Europe. In time outside of MUN he enjoys studying physics, travelling, debating, skiing, breaking and fixing things whether they be working or not. He spent 7 years in Belgrade which gave him a glimpse of the diplomatic life(style) including the diners, cabarets, theaters, crises, conflicts, and taught him the value of improvising, his favorite art. He joined the ZUMUN fundraising team and is going to focus on external relations. Why? Well – why not?


Benedikt Benedikt Raßhofer
Benedikt started studying Economics at the University of Zurich in fall 2016. Since high school he has been very interested in international relations and diplomacy and even wrote a paper on the United Nations for his final class. Accordingly, he decided to join ZuMUN as a major opportunity to explore and develop future solutions. As he greatly enjoys communicating with people from other universities and other countries, he is highly motivated to organise the next conference using a wonderful team of students from around the world. Having a background in economics he is well suited to the role of Head of Fundraising and intends to make the 2018 conference a unique and rewarding experience for everyone involved.



Jan-Philipp Jan-Philipp Kirsch
Jan-Philipp is in his first year of studying Computational Science and Engineering at ETH and has started engaging in MUN heads on, because the considers MUN as a good way to understand international politics and an opportunity to think outside of the box. Jan-Philipp is engaged in ZuMUN as the Head of the IT Department with the goal of making the 2018 conference an even better experience and providing a rewarding experience for everyone involved. Apart from engaging in ZuMUN and studying, reading a good book or traveling are among his favorite interests.



Katja Katja Blöchlinger
Katja successfully finished her Bachelor degree at the University of Zurich in political science and communication studies in summer 2017. Although she is now living and studying in Konstanz, pursuing a Master degree in political science and administration studies, she decided to once again be part of the ZuMUN secretariat, like she already was for ZuMUN 2016 and 2017. During her Bachelor she was a team member of the MUN Team University of Zurich. When she is not busy with work for uni and the various associations she is part of, she likes to meet up with friends – be it for a nice cup of coffee or for a crazy night-out.


Ramona Ramona Krause
Ramona is a third-year law student and joined the MUN UZH Team in fall 2016. Ever since she is completely hooked up with MUN and enjoys the vivid discussions during and after the session with the great MUN Team. Seeing MUN as a valuable experience for students to form a network, improving their rhetoric’s and English, Ramona decided to join the board of the MUN UZH Team being responsible for communications and finance in order to provide these experiences to the next MUN generation. In her free time she enjoys swimming, cooking, reading a book, and loves to travel to new places to dive into a new culture and some nice food. She loves the world of MUN, wherefore she became a member of the OC of ZuMUN in order to do her best in making this year’s conference as successful as last year and to uphold the MUN spirit in Zurich.


Sanni Selene Tenn
Selene joined the ZuMUN OC team this year after discovering the opportunity to continue in a MUN team. Originally from Helsinki, Finland, Selene moved to Zurich in 2017. She previously studied political science at the University of Helsinki and helped to organized the Finnish Model United Nations conference.During her studies, she was also a board member and the vice president of the Finnish MUN team. She has also participated to MUNs herself, the most memorable experiences being a Disney themed one on a cruise boat and the Techfest World MUN at IIT Bombay. Having lived in Finland and India in the past, she enjoys travelling in her free time.



Tim Tim Hofer
Enrolled in the first year of Political Science and China Studies while also having a keen interest in the world of international politics and being a part of some political movements, it was only natural for Tim to join the MUN team at the University of Zurich. Though maybe not the most avid reader, he thoroughly enjoys books and poems, likes to watch series and movies, cook, run and loves to indulge in learning languages – speaking seven by now. As a part of the Socials team at ZuMUN this year, he is striving to provide an fun and exciting experience for all participants this year after the debates.


Jule Jule Ksinsik
Jule has started studying at the university of Zurich recently with political science as a major and law as a minor. As she is very interested in international relations and likes to discuss about it, she decided to join the MUN team. After attending her first conference in Stockholm, she was asked to join the ZuMUN team and was pleasured to say yes, because she enjoys the idea of providing an unforgettable experience to other delegates.