The WHO headquarters in Geneva (copyright: WHO/P. Virot)

The World Health Organization is the leading global authority on health and health-related issues. Especially now during a global pandemic, its role as a coordinator of worldwide efforts to fight Covid-19 is more important than ever. The following topics will be discussed at ZuMUN 2021’s WHO committee:

1. Addressing health-related information and (vaccine) skepticism

Vaccine skepticism is nothing new, but new Covid-19 vaccines have generated much controversy and given ammunition to anti-vaxxers around the globe. The immunization drive that many countries have embarked on now faces serious resistance. What factors led to this resistance, and what can be done to mitigate it and make sure that people feel safer and better about the vaccine? What role does the scientific community play?

2. Addressing the effects of animal agriculture and consumption on the occurrence of zoonoses

Increasing global demand for meat, dairy, and other animal products has led to a surge in the number of domesticated animals held on farms and in homes. Today, they outnumber us nearly 10 to 1, and we use an ever larger variety of them for consumption. This has increased the occurrence and severity of different zoonoses, with Covid-19 being the latest example. What can be done to address the spread of zoonoses and reduce the amount of deaths resulting from them?