The WIPO Conference Hall (Copyright: WIPO. Photo: Emmanuel Berrod)

The World Intellectual Property Organization is a specialized UN Agency tasked with promoting and protecting intellectual property across the world. It serves to solve disputes over intellectual property as well as hosting databases and providing various IP related services.

1. Protecting Indigenous Cultural Property

 For this purpose an important and often overlooked issue relates to indegenous populations. Indigenous cultural property and knowledge is often appropriated and used in such a way that it would classify as copyright infringement, however these people are afforded little to no protection against such tactics and as such an international framework must be established to ensure their cultural property is treated with due respect.

2. Open Access and Open Source Publishing and the Academia of the 21st Century

Another issue that has come up in recent times due to the widespread use of the internet is the prevalence of open source and open access publishing. This kind of research publishing brings up the question of public interest and personal rights, since it is an important matter to consider the possibility and the benefits and drawbacks of increasing or reducing the amount of open source projects and open access research as well as discussing how such resources cna be moderated responsibly.