ZuMUN 2023 — The Circle of Political Extremism

ZuMUN is Zurich’s Model United Nations conference organized by the MUN societies of ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich, ETH MUN and MUN Team UZH respectively. ZuMUN has been held annually (with the obvious exception of 2020) since 2015.

ZuMUN 2022 will take place in person from the April 27 to April 30, 2023.

In addition to great committee sessions spread over four days, we will bring a vast range of social events, workshops, and ceremonies.

The United Nations was created with the vision of maintaining world peace and security. However , with the pronounced rise of anti-system and extremist parties, the subsistence of international peace is called into question. Extremist thinking can be nostalgic of a radicalized past which idealizes authoritarianism. Looking at the present state of the world, we can draw a distressing parallel with the interwar period. What resolutions can we therefore create to prevent such misfortune from happening again

Where you might wanna go

Why attend ZuMUN?

ZuMUN is unlike any other MUN conference. Granted, we are a lot like many conferences. We are looking for the best people to chair our carefully prepared committees. The Organising Committee spends months planing out every detail from your arrival, over ceremonies, food and socials. And, of course, we find sponsors and advertise ZuMUN at every thinkable location.

What makes us different, though, is our focus on delegate’s personal growth. ZuMUN isn’t something to simply put on your resume. At ZuMUN, we hope that you learn for life, that you connect with other people and that you master skills from the best. We emphasize thinking outside of the box. Because what matters is not the awards you take home — it’s the experience that counts.