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ETH Model United Nations was founded in 2007 by two enthusiastic students who knew about the principle of MUN and could not bear this idea of not being practiced at Europe’s leading technological university.

Ever since that moment, members of ETH MUN have organized weekly meetings to simulate the work and the intense debates of the UN and to prepare for and visit numerous international MUN conferences. As odd ones out in a field populated by social sciences, the delegates of ETH MUN have been making a name for themselves around the world.

Today, ETH MUN is one of the biggest commissions of the VSETH (Students’ Union of the ETH) with an ever growing number of members and an active Alumni network.


Four political science students founded the association MUN Team University of Zurich in 2007 to organize a delegation to the Harvard WorldMUN 2008 in Puebla. Other eight members joined the association and joined in the preparation for this important conference.

The experience in Mexico was great, and the delegation a huge success! To further participate at MUN conferences, two new board members were elected and later new team members joined.

Today we offer weekly sessions, organize delegations to international conferences as well as workshops and events related to the UN and its work. Through continuing efforts, our young team has quickly become known in the worldwide MUN landscape.

Model United Nations and the History of ZuMUN

Model United Nations (MUN) is a simulation of the United Nations. By multilateral approaches, the participants debate and tackle various global issues from the perspective of a delegate representing a country of the UN.

The advantage of MUN is that it educates participants about the UN, multilateral diplomacy and current affairs of political, economic, social, environmental, military or jurisdictional nature. Members are enabled to research a country and develop solutions to global problems. As MUN sessions are always conducted in English, students with a mother tongue other than English can improve their English speaking skills. During an MUN session, participants furthermore employ a variety of communication and critical thinking skills in order to represent the policies of their country. These skills include public speaking, group communication, research, policy analysis, negotiating and conflict resolution.

The members of MUN do not only get an insight into world politics, but acquire the soft skills necessary for a successful future.

Over the past years, ETH MUN and MUN UZH made great experiences at various conferences all over the world. However, something was missing, as there was no conference we could call our own.

In spring 2014 the board members of ETH MUN and MUN UZH got together in order to discuss a potential cooperation to organize our own conference in Zurich to share the expertise we gained while attending past conferences. It didn’t take long for us to come to a common sense and that meeting turned out to be the first meeting of Zurich MUN.
Our goal is to share our expertise with other MUN delegations and offer the opportunity to participate in a conference in one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. Our advantage is that we have gathered the knowledge of two MUN organizations in order to make this conference unforgettable.

ZuMUN stands out from other MUN conferences by not offering Best Delegate Awards. Instead, we firmly believe that we do MUN because we have fun doing it and a passion for the topics of debate. We debate because we think it gives us back something greater: new friends, the ability to analyze complex issues and soft skills for the future. We believe delegates do not need awards to motivate themselves to excel at MUN. Finally, in our eyes awards encourage competition instead of cooperation among delegates, which in turn lessens the quality of debate.

The Secretariats of ZuMUN Past

Organization Committee 2019
Secretary Generals Shuting Ling
Sebastian Lang
Budget and Accounting Sven Wiesner
Ceremonies and Speakers Nikola Hajdin
Committees and Chairs Ferdinand Baune
Jessica Fenger
Valerie Vogel
Stefan Mijic
Delegates and Registration Victoria Lohmann
Theo Wollschlegel
Food and Logistics Felix Stabel
Emmanouil Cheirakis
Fundraising and Partnerships Caspar Morgenthaler
Linus Boll
Philipp Hummler
Anton Yang
IT Jan-Philipp Kirsch
Daniel Archer
Matthias Bräm
Marketing Jule Ksinsik
Ramona Krause
Sophia Schlosser
Julia Schlosser
Socials Clara Henke
Andrew Schürch
Alexander Uhlmann
Design Alexander von Broen
Darya Boll

Organization Committee 2018
Secretary Generals Simon Linder
Luca Spreyermann
Budget and Accounting Sebastian Lang
Ceremonies and Speakers Shuting Ling
Committees and Chairs Noah Sutter
Sarah Khanna
Lewin Könemann
Delegates and Registration Sven Wiesner
Semrawit Tekleyohannes Haile
Felix Stabel
Food and Logistics Zoé Schibler
Greta Papageorgiu
Fundraising and Partnerships Benedikt Rasshofer
IT Jan-Philipp Kirsch
Marketing Katja Blöchlinger
Ramona Krause
Selene Tenn
Socials Jule Ksinsik
Tim Hofer
Design Marc Sinner

Organization Committee 2017
Secretary Generals Marc Sinner
Shuting Ling
Budget and Accounting Jerome Pieper
Committees and Chairs Mathilde Renard
Fabian Brunner
Judith Rössinger
Delegates and Registration Luca Mondada
Jakob den Brok
Stefan Mijic
Ceremonies and Speakers Matija Zesko
Food and Logistics Valérie Vogel
Sebastian Lang
Fundraising and Partnerships Benedikt Rasshofer
Michelle Jacob
Marketing Katja Blöchlinger
Alexia Förster-Lagkadianou
Michelle Medricky
Socials Marika Pechr
Melissa Lucula

Organization Committee 2016
Secretary Generals Marika Pechr
Matija Zesko
Budget and Accounting Marc Sinner
Ceremonies and Speakers Elsa Lengeler
Thomas van Poecke
Committees and Chairs Jerome Pieper
Noah Sutter
Delegates and Registration Sarah Burns
Marlies Baekens
Henri van Soest
Design Anna-Brit Schaper
Food and Logistics Fabian Dalbert
Fundraising and Partnerships Anna Morawietz
Giovanni Corti
Veena Manikulam
Sonja Peter
Luca Schneider
IT Marc Fischer
Legal Department Lukas Eberli
Lucas Seiler
Marketing Alexia Förster-Lagkadianou
Fabian Brunner
Anthea Alberto
Lynn Bolliger
Socials Katja Blöchlinger
Kim Studenski

Organization Committee 2015
Secretary Generals Ollin Söllner
Belinda Brauchli
Max Didier
Ceremonies and Speakers Lal Sreeyuth
Committees and Officials Nicole Nickerson
Lea Gerster
Delegates and Registration Sivan Yanay
Marc Sinner
Design Anna-Brit Schaper
Food and Logistics Matteo Bernasconi
Cooper Harshbarger
Finance and Sponsoring Lucas Schaus
Sophia Schlosser
Leonard Floryan
Matija Zesko
Highschool Elsa Lengeler
Kim Studenski
IT Marc Fischer
Marketing Alexia Förster-Lagkadianou
Anna Morawiecz
Marika Pechr
Sarah Burns