Conference Fees

The conference fees cover:

  • Conference materials, a reception after the Opening ceremony, coffee breaks during committee sessions
  • Entry to social events on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

The conference fee for Delegates is CHF 100 per Delegate.

The conference fee for High School Delegates is CHF 70 per Delegate.

During Early-Bird Registration the price will be CHF 90 per Delegate.

But for late registrations (registrations after the 1st of April) it will be CHF 110 per Delegate

The conference fee for Faculty Advisors is CHF 60 per Faculty Advisor.

If you wish to only participate online the fee will be CHF 20 per Delegate.

Delegation Discounts

ZuMUN grants delegations of at least five delegates a 5% discount on the conference fees and a 10% discount for delegations of at least ten delegates.


Accommodation is not included in the conference fees, as ZuMUN does not provide any official accommodation arrangements. Every delegation has to make the proper arrangements themselves.


Due to our payment system, refunds beyond 90 days after payment are not possible.

Policy concerning certificates of participation

A certificate of participation is only issued to delegates present during at least 75% of the sessions.