Getting Around in Zurich

The easiest way to get around in Zurich is by public transportation and on foot. You can find all schedules on the ZVV website. Tram and bus lines run from 6am to 1am mostly every 7 to 10 minutes. There is a tram or bus stop every 300 meters. At the stop you will be able to find a timetable, a network map of the City of Zurich, a fare zone map, a city map, the display showing the next connections and a ticket machine. You should always carry a valid ticket with you since there are regular ticket controls and high fines.

On Friday and Saturday nights, the “Nachtnetz”, Zurich’s extensive night transportation network, operates from 1am to 4am. Its lines are significantly different from the usual daytime network (see here for the dedicated network map). Two tickets are required to use the ZVV Nachtnetz: A valid transport ticket together with a “night-surcharge” ticket (“Nachtzuschlag”) at the cost of CHF 5. These are available for purchase at any ticket machine – just click on the “Nachtzuschlag” button.

To get to the University campus with the conference venues ETH and University of Zurich:

  • From Zurich Main Station and Central take Tram Nr. 6 (Zoo) or 10 (Zürich Flughafen) to ETH/Universitätsspital.
  • From Bellevue take Tram Nr. 9 (Hirzenbach) to Kantonsschule or ETH/Universitätsspital.
  • From Zurich Airport take Tram Nr. 10 (Zürich HB) to ETH/Universitätsspital.



You can either buy a single ticket valid for one hour (CHF 4.30) or a day pass valid for 24 hours (CHF 8.60 CHF). The city zone 110 is in general sufficient for your travels during ZuMUN. Zurich Airport, however, is not part of the city zone. If you travel to or from the airport, you need a ticket which also covers the neigboring zone 121. A single fare is CHF 6.60 and a day pass costs CHF 13.20. More information on public transportation tickets, including the zone map can be found here.



Besides public transportation, there are several taxi companies in Zurich, which you can easily contact by phone. Usually, one of their drivers will arrive within 5 – 10 minutes. There are also several taxi stands, in particular around Bellevue and in front of the main station. The basic fare is approximately 6 CHF and every kilometer is about 3.80 CHF. Uber also operates in Zurich and you should be able to find drivers with the Uber app.

Taxi companies:

  • Taxi 444: +41 44 444 44 44
  • Taxi 7×7: +41 44 777 77 77